Why A 'Tiny' NFT Game Is Ditching Solana For Ethereum's Immutable X - Decrypt

Why A ‘Tiny’ NFT Game Is Ditching Solana For Ethereum’s Immutable X – Decrypt

The ongoing crypto winter has been painful for the entire industry, but 2022 was particularly rough for Solana. The collapse of FTX and Alameda Research, which were closely linked to and financially entrenched in the Solana ecosystem, accelerated a decline in a year marked by technical issues and high-profile hacks.

Although Solana hosts a thriving NFT ecosystem and growing gaming push, the turbulent times and 94% token price plunge have pushed some creators to look for greener pastures elsewhere. Solana game Tiny Colony is the latest project to chart a move to another blockchain, following a similar announcement from the creator of DeGods and y00ts.

Tiny Colony developer Tinyverse Games announced its plan today to move its still-in-development NFT game—a blockchain-based construction and management simulator—from the Solana blockchain to Ethereum scaling network, Immutable X.

“Immutable has been very gaming-focused since the beginning,” Tinyverse co-founder and CEO Arshia Navabi told Decrypt. “They have an amazing development team and incredible technology focused around gaming.”

In Tiny Colony, players must build and manage underground humanoid ant colonies, and strategically farm, mine, hatch larvae, and defend their colony to survive. Players earn NFTs that can be used in-game or traded on marketplaces. An early version of the game was launched for testers on Solana last summer, but the full version will now debut later this year on Immutable X.

Tiny Colony is a relatively small project compared to Ethereum games that have respectively yielded over a billion dollars or more worth of NFT sales, such as Axie Infinity and the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Otherside.

The project originally launched via Solana marketplace Fractal and has generated more than $3 million worth of NFT sales to date, according to Tinyverse. The game’s NFTs currently start at less than $5 worth of SOL apiece on the secondary market.

An NFT is a blockchain token that represents a unique item. In video games, that can mean things like in-game characters, accessories, digital land plots, and more. Elsewhere, NFTs are used for things like profile pictures (PFPs), artwork, sports and entertainment collectibles, and access passes to exclusive events and experiences.

Navabi told Decrypt that Tiny Colony will let current Solana NFT holders swap for an Immutable X version of the same asset through a process it’s calling a “burn-in mint.” More details on the redemption process will be shared “over the next month or so” as the technical process is finalized with help from Immutable X developers.

Why Immutable X?

Immutable is both the creator of the Immutable X network and the developer of the NFT-based card game, Gods Unchained. Immutable X is a layer-2 scaling solution that enables faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum’s own mainnet. Navabi said that Immutable’s focus on gaming and the player experienc