Weird Crypto: New Trailer And Stills From Jonas Odenheimer's NFT Horror - FANGORIA

Weird Crypto: New Trailer And Stills From Jonas Odenheimer’s NFT Horror – FANGORIA

Jonas Odenheimer's NFT

Think two times previously your following download.

Love ’em, despise ’em or merely do not recognize ’em, it’s obvious that NFTs, as well as the bigger globe of crypto-currency, allow company. Some supervisors, such as Kevin Smith, have actually also launched films as collectible non-fungible symbols– however the brand-new trailer for NFT teases a much more scary spin on a globe of electronic fear.

Writer/director Jonas Odenheimer ( Classroom 6) has actually launched the very first check out his crypto refrigerator NFT, starring Najarra Townsend ( The Stylist, Dementia: Part II). The British scary was generated with Odenheimer’s Old Jim Productions roof shingles, and also it’s not the very first time the supervisor has actually discovered the globe of Internet-based horror.

The story summary for NFT reviews as complies with:

NFT adheres to a team of crypto-savvy millennials attempting to leave their 9-5s by turning NFTs as a side hustle. After purchasing right into an allegedly ‘cursed’ NFT collection, they start experiencing mystical incidents as well as will certainly currently need to defend their lives.

Alongside Townsend, NFT‘s actors consists of David Wayman ( The Ledge), Mariah Nonnemacher ( Terminator: Dark Fate), Durassie Kiangangu ( Imperial Blue), Amelie Edwards ( The Waving Man), Nobuse Jnr ( Hounded), Jasmine Clark ( The Witches of Dumpling Farm) and also Charlie Rich ( Morris Men).

From the trailer and also stills listed below, NFT resembles a fresh brand-new spin on the concept of scary being spread out