Web3, NFTs Face The Bear Market - CoinDesk

Web3, NFTs Face The Bear Market – CoinDesk

On “Carpe Consensus,” hosts Ben Schiller, Danny Nelson as well as Cam Thompson have a look at the state of non-fungible symbols, Web3 as well as the metaverse with Amanda Cassatt.

  • [1:50] Inside the Desk: NFT industry SuperRare cuts team by 30% and also Cam presents her daddy an NFT, with blended success.

  • [9:19] Amanda Cassatt: Where can Web3 firms go from right here? Cassatt highlights the requirement for energy that lasts past the buzz.

  • [22:00] Cam’s Corner: Cam wraps up the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where Web2- and also Web3-native firms showcased completing sights on the futur