Victor Martinez Warns Of The Biggest Bulking Mistakes & NFT ... - Generation Iron Fitness Network

Victor Martinez Warns Of The Biggest Bulking Mistakes & NFT … – Generation Iron Fitness Network

Victor Martinez breaks down how to avoid bodybuilding bulking mistakes, why he maintains his mass monster physique post-retirement, and whether or not Phil Heath should make a comeback in 2023.

With the 2022 bodybuilding season at a close, we have officially entered the typical off-season for most bodybuilders. With exception of the 2023 Arnold Classic being just eight weeks away, most other major bodybuilding shows are far off – giving the top athletes time to bulk up and add on size. But bulking isn’t easy despite allowing for a massive amount of food intake. That’s why Victor Martinez decided to break down the most important tips for an effective bulking cycle. In our latest episode of the Generation Iron Podcast, Victor Martinez reveals the biggest mistakes bodybuilders make while bulking.

With a new year kicking into full gear, it’s time for a brand new bodybuilding season of contest prep. For many, this period marks the bulking phase – a time when bodybuilders pack on pounds in order to build up more muscle mass before cutting it all down closer to the actual competition.

Victor Martinez has been noted often by fans for still maintaining an impressive physique despite no longer competing. So we used this opportunity to discuss with Martinez why and how he maintains such a massive physique. We also ask him to break down the most pointed advice for bulking off-season.

Other topics discussed include Phil Heath’s potential comeback in 2023. Is it a good idea? Can he pull it off? We also discuss alcohol and bodybuilding best practices as well as celebrity NFT schemes – will a scandal hit the bodybuilding world? We break it all down below.

How to avoid the biggest bodybuilding bulking mistakes

Bodybuilding diet and training guides are a dime a dozen these days. That’s why Victor Martinez focuses less on the basic tips and tricks of bulking off-season. Instead, he focuses on the most common mistakes he has seen bodybuilders make during bulking. This includes his own lessons learned from decades of bodybuilding experience.

The biggest spiral that bodybuilders often fall into with the off-season bulk is a dirty bulking diet. Dirty vs clean eating is a common phrase in fitness and bodybuilding. “Clean” food is meals that are nutritious and healthy in nature. “Dirty” food is unhealthy meals that are fatty, processed, sugary, or salty.

During the bulking phase of bodybuilding – the goal is to put on as much weight as possible to build massive muscle. The problem comes when bodybuilders use this as an opportunity to sneak in more cheat meals. It’s okay to have a few cheat meals during a bulk but if it turns into a slippery slope, the cutting phase will become much more challenging and painful. At its worst, it can lead to a flat and smaller physique than the athlete was aiming for.

Another mistake often made by bodybuilders is to fall behind on training frequency. During a bulking phase, it’s okay to pull back a little on training frequency. But if this falls into a lazy bad habit it can become a concern. This is especially true if you are dirty bulking.

It should be noted that some bodybuilders are against the bulking and cutting cycle completely fo