Trump’s Mocked NFTs Rise In Value -

Trump’s Mocked NFTs Rise In Value –

It’s post-World Cup Monday, and we’re feelin’ the pinch a little at this end, so this morning’s just a quick roundup – Crypto Espresso-esque style – for you while we chug industrial quantities of coffee and energy drinks and brain pills and whatnot, and wonder why the whole Earth is shaking.

Or is it just our eyes?

One thing that seemed to be pretty stable on Monday morning were the majors. BTC and ETH are both nudging into the black this morning, but not by much for the past 24 hours.

BTC is at $US16,763 – up 0.12 per cent for the past 24 hour period, ETH is similarly up 0.15 per cent to $US1183.5 and BNB has enjoyed a solid 3.9 per cent bump since this time yesterday, and is moving around the $US250 mark at the time of writing … but it’s been falling steadily over the course of the morning.

Now, here’s some news …

Trump NFTs sink, then soar-ish

A lot of people had a good laugh when former US President Donald Trump launched his weary attempt to cash in the crypto fad, launching a range of NFTs with him cosplaying as an astronaut, a cowboy, a member of the military and, seemingly, the rest of the Village People.

But it would seem that now that the dust has settled, Trump’s NFTs have managed to increase in value over the weekend, and that’s despite eagle-eyed NFT-watchers noticing that a bunch of the Trump Trading cards appear to have used images taken off the internet.

The evidence in many cases seems pretty damning – and, obviously, not exactly Trump’s fault because the odds of him knowing how to use Photoshop to make his own NFTs are very, very slim. reported that reverse image searches suggested the Trump pictures were edited photos scraped off the internet, several from small clothing brands.

PCMagAustralia has run images from the NFTs alongside images from the likes of Men’s Warehouse, Scully Leather, Western Sports and stock image provider