GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Media OutReach – 6 September 2022 – The closed beta test version of TRON GameFi WIN NFT HERO went online at the beginning of May this year, and has successfully completed two rounds of closed beta test as of now, and will enter a new phase soon. According to the official news of Binance, WIN NFT HERO will launch the mystery box sale on the Binance NFT marketplace from 0: 00 on September 5th to 12: 00 on September 8th UTC time. The mystery box is limited to 10,000 with the unit price of 10 BUSD/each.


What Is Binance NFT Subscription Mechanism

Binance introduces a new way for users to fairly participate in the latest drops and exclusive releases on Binance NFT. By utilizing this new subscription mechanism, Binance will ensure a fair and equal way for BNB holders or NFT holders to commit tokens towards a Binance NFT sale. There is a subscription cap for each user, and the final NFT allocation will be distributed in a fair and square manner.

How to Participate

1. Log in to your Binance account and go to the Binance NFT homepage. Click on the NFT sale banner you wish to participate in.

2. You will be redirected to the subscription page, where you can see a description of the project, the total NFT issued, the Participation Ticket price, the ticket purchase limit per user, and the subscription countdown.


1. All Binance users who have completed the Identity Verification can participate in the Binance NFT primary sale to purchase NFTs. However, to be qualified to subscribe for Participation Tickets in the next phase, you need to meet the prerequisite determined by each sale.

2. The preparation phase of WIN NFT HERO Mystery Box sale is from 0: 00 on September 5 to 2: 00 UTC on September 7. If you top up your wallet balance to meet the minimum daily average BNB holdings after the Preparation Phase begins, you may not be eligible to participate in the Subscription Mechanism sale.

For details of the participation process and rules, please read the official introduction of Binance:


WIN NFT HERO is a “GameFi+NFT” strategic game, built on the TRON public chain, which makes all kinds of heroes, equipment and other NFT assets in the game belong to individual players. Our goal is to connect players from all over the world through WIN NFT HERO, to create a world of economic prosperity through blockchain, and to provide players with a new experience and entertainment beyond the real world value.

WIN NFT HERO Highlights:

1. To create the GameFi version of “Teamfight Tactics”, bring more fun to players

Unlike previous GameFi projects that emphasize Earn and ignore gameplay, WIN NFT HERO is dedicated to bringing more fun to players. WIN NFT HERO is similar to the popular strategy game Teamfight Tactic in terms of gameplay.The core gameplay is to match the best hero lineup with reasonable tactical strategies based on hero positioning, bonding and equipment settings.

According to the statistics, the monthly active players of Teamfight Tactics have exceeded 30 million, which is a testimony to the popular