Ticketmaster Chooses Dapper Labs' Flow Blockchain For NFT Tickets - Decrypt

Ticketmaster Chooses Dapper Labs’ Flow Blockchain For NFT Tickets – Decrypt

Event ticketing leviathan Ticketmaster introduced today that it will certainly embrace the Flow blockchain from Dapper Labs for producing tickets as NFTs for pick occasions.

The NFTs— special blockchain symbols that indicate possession– will certainly operate mostly as collectible electronic souvenirs, however likewise as a shareable “evidence of presence.”

Over the previous 6 months, Dapper Labs and also Ticketmaster silently released an NFT pilot program. In it, Ticketmaster immediately provided ticket NFTs as souvenirs to guests of certain occasions like the Super Bowl LVI this year.

In the pilot program, greater than 5 million Flow NFTs were produced in a 6 month duration, according to Dapper.

As an outcome of the collaboration, Ticketmaster has actually developed a pocketbook as well as industry function right into its website, stated Maher, which’s where owners will certainly have the ability to see and also trade the NFTs they get as an outcome of the collaboration.

Dapper is most frequently understood for its NBA Top Shot NFTs– which have actually seen over 21 million purchases and also $ 1 billion in overall quantity tra