The Legit Ledger Episode 16: NFT Regulatory Issues - A 2022 ... - Lexology

The Legit Ledger Episode 16: NFT Regulatory Issues – A 2022 … – Lexology

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In this episode of the Legit Ledger, Sheppard Mullin attorney Jim Gatto joins Yasamin Parsafar to provide an overview of his recent article, NFT Regulatory Issues – a 2022 Review and 2023 Preview, discussing the latest with NFTs and the SEC and other issues.

What We Discussed in This Episode:

  • What are fractional NFTs? Why might they lead to securities issues?
  • How can companies selling NFTs or offering platforms where NFTs are minted, sold or traded avoid triggering securities fraud charges?
  • What is the potential personal liability for anyone employed by a company involved in the minting, selling or trading of NFTs?
  • Why should these types of companies consider implementing an insider trading policy?
  • What are your thoughts about last year’s Treasury Department study that identified high-value art (including NFTs) as vehicles for money laundering and terrorist financing?
  • What prompted the OFAC to sanction an exchange and designate 57 cryptocurrency addresses associated with digital wallets as SDNs?
  • What topics are the USPTO and Copyright Office considering as part of their joint study on IP law and policy in relation to NFTs?
  • How do the SEC and FTC endorsement guidelines differ?
  • What might 2023 have in store for NFT regulation?

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