The Community Conclusion To Damien Hirst's NFT Collection "The Currency" - Cool Hunting

The Community Conclusion To Damien Hirst’s NFT Collection “The Currency” – Cool Hunting

Launched in July 2021, The Currency is an NFT collection by Damien Hirst in cooperation with worldwide art solution HENI. It consists of 10,000 NFTs– each of which represents among the musician’s area paints– which can be sold for the physical art work. 4,851 token owners of The Currency chose to maintain their NFTs, leaving their equivalent paints to be displayed and after that shed by Hirst at the collection’s final thought on 22 September in London. A number of Hirst’s token owners and also followers participated in Newport Street Gallery, unifying veteran art enthusiasts with newbies and also on-line buddies that linked with Discord however had actually never ever satisfied in reality. As Artnet’s Vivienne Chow observes, “A feeling of enjoyment was shared extensively by the individuals right here. Several welcomed each various other personally as if they were long-lost pals, appearing to stand for the spirit of ‘area’ extensively promoted in NFT society.” Find out more concerning it at Artnet.

Image thanks to Vivienne Chow