Solana's DeGods & & Y00ts NFT Founder Frank Doxxed Himself - Crypto Times

Solana’s DeGods & & Y00ts NFT Founder Frank Doxxed Himself – Crypto Times

Solanas leading collections DeGods & y00 ts NFT Founder Frank DeGods ultimately doxxed himself and also it is none besides Rohun Vora. Vora, a UCLA failure, delegated seek a fellowship at Y-Combinator as well as took place to help MainStreet after briefly researching design at General Assembly.

Rohun Vora selected the name Frank since he is a big follower of artist Frank Ocean and also states he will certainly remain to go under the name Frank also after the disclose.

Vora obtained pressed to expose his very own identification as a person from the media was currently attempting to doxx him. The DeDAO neighborhood sustained his choice as a few of the participants additionally disclosed their concealed identifications.

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Dust Labs CEO Kevin DeGods advanced the exhilaration by disclosing himself as Kevin Henrikson, a serial technology business owner. He proceeded as well as shared his Wikipedia account therefore stunning the area totally.

Kevin Henrikson