Professional Athletes Who Have Bought NFTs And How Much They Have Made ... Or Lost - ValueWalk

Professional Athletes Who Have Bought NFTs And How Much They Have Made … Or Lost – ValueWalk

  • Odell Beckham Jr invested $2.17 million on his Crypto Punk
  • Shaquille O’Neal invested the least on his Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT
  • Tom Brady shed over $200,000 as well as readied to shed much more with the personal bankruptcy of FTX.

New study reveals that Odell Beckham Jr is the celebrity professional athlete that has actually shed one of the most cash given that purchasing NFTs, after the worth of his Crypto Punk NFT has actually visited 50%.

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The Sporting Celebrities Who Have Bought NFTs

Following the statement by Cristiano Ronaldo that he will certainly be introducing his very own collection of NFTs in collaboration with Binance, chances contrast specialists made a decision to take a look at the showing off stars that have actually purchased NFTs and also just how much they have actually made or shed because getting.

NFTs are gotten making use of Ethereum (ETH) as well as the worth of ETH varies, with the rate coming to a head at $4,644 in November 2021, which would certainly have been the ideal time to offer given that the rate presently rests at $1,219 The research study computed just how much the NFT would certainly deserve currently if cost the very same quantity of ETH it was purchased for.

Odell Beckham Jr – $2.17 million

Odell Beckham got Crypto Punk #3365, a pixelated character of the 2014 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, in August 2021 to commemorate his Super Bowl win, paying 888 ETH which is $2.17 million, the worth currently going down to $914,000, a hefty 50% loss.

Since his acquisition Beckham revealed that he likewise desired his $750,000 wage in Bitcoin. Which based upon the cost of Bitcoin implies the worth of income would certainly have plunged to $413,000

Lost: $1,255,377

Neymar Jr – $580,000

Neymar is among the largest names in football, as well as the Brazilian worldwide acquired Bored Ape #5269, a red ape using a multi coloured tee capturing lasers from its eyes, in January this year signing up with the checklist of celebrity professional athletes that have actually ventured right into the crypto globe.

He paid $580,000, nevertheless with the current collisions the worth of the NFT is currently $239,851

Lost: $340,149

Tom Brady – $430,000

Tom Brady has actually been an enthusiastic fan of crypto fostering, while additionally being a brand name ambassador for the lately fallen down FTX exchange, which can cost him millions because of his participation.

To make issues even worse his Bored Ape #3667 which he paid $430,000 for in April 2022 would just deserve $168,250 based upon present cost activity, a loss of 60%.

Lost: $239,851

Ben Simmons – $253,434

Brooklyn Nets point player Ben Simmons obtained greatly right into the crypto ball this year signing up with crypto pc gaming organization PerionDAO as a tactical consultant as well as ambassador, on the other hand purchasing numerous NFTs, consisting of Bored Ape #5164, which illustrates a brownish ape with a yellow hat, this was his very first NFT.

However, given that its p