Prada Unveils Timecapsule NFT Drop #34 Chance To Visit Prada Extends - HYPEBEAST

Prada Unveils Timecapsule NFT Drop #34 Chance To Visit Prada Extends – HYPEBEAST

Prada has unveiled its latest Timecapsule non-fungible token (NFT) collection with the chance for holders to attend the upcoming “Prada Extends” celebration in Miami.

On October 6, the luxury fashion brand will launch this month’s Timecapsule drop — taking inspiration from Prada’s renowned history while continuing to build out its fashionable Web3 community.

Following four previous sold-out drops, Prada’s NFT division, “Prada Crypted” will present its fifth Timecapsule NFTs with Timecapsule Drop #34. Similar to the previous months, Prada will continue to use upcycled fabric from Prada’s archives in a new gender-neutral product – offered in both physical and digital forms.

The October Timecapsule’s piece will consist of a shirt decorated with beach-themed satin and silk floral fabric along with the month “October” flaunted across the top’s shoulders. With a persistent emphasis on sustainability, this month’s unique fabric has been pulled from the Prada Spring/Summer 2003 collection and inspired by attire from Prada’s Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show.

Since June 2022, Prada’s Timecapsule collections have existed as a 24-hour long online event on the first Thursday of every month.

Along with the tangible clothing garment, each Timecapsule item comes with a unique serial number – allowing owners to redeem a matching NFT.

Ensuring promised authenticity through the blockchain, NFT holders can refer to the digital asset for the full details on the given item as well as a variety of unlockable utilities and experiences.

The October collection will provide some of the brand’s new NFT holders with the opportunity to attend the forthcoming “Prada Extends” event. The Miami event will celebrate Prada’s culture, music, as well as creative figures from around the world by electronic musician, and Prada collaborator Richie Hawtin, known as “Plastikman”.

Attracting both fashion enthusiasts and NFT supporters, Prada has created its own group of collectors who patiently await the next Timecapsule drop every month.

Committed to Prada Crypted’s growing NFT community, the August Timecpsule invited NFT members to view its new Spring/Summer 2023 collection during Milan Fashion Week.

At the end of September, Prada welcomed its Prada Crypted community to its first exclusive token-gated gathering in Milan. Providing IRL utilities, the group visited Prada’s Milan stores and received a private tour of Fondazione Prada along with high-end dining and a  luxurious hotel stay.

Stressing the importance of circular fashion while paying homage to the brand’s heritage, Prada’s Timecapsule NFTs have been able to pick up great attention from the Web3 space and followers of fashion.

Luxury fashion and the blockchain have found a special intersection in bridging Web3 technologies with established Web2 names. The French conglomerate, LVMH developed its own blockchain Consortium, helping to bond the well-known names with the emerging space.

The Aura Blockchain Consortium serves as a blockchain solution platform for luxury brands to begin exploring immersive and tailored experiences through Web3.

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