P2E.Game: The One-Stop Portal For Web3 Gaming And NFT - GlobeNewswire

P2E.Game: The One-Stop Portal For Web3 Gaming And NFT – GlobeNewswire

| Source: P2E.Game

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, Sept. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — P2E.Game is an information aggregator for GameFi and NFT, in which users could have a panoramic view of the P2E space through the comprehensive and timely updates of both projects and the industry. We aim to lead the Web3 revolution by meeting to the needs of users ranging from knowledge, education to insights about launchpads, GameFi & NFT projects and SocialFi.


With the vision of onboarding Web2 gamers ahead of the widespread adoption of Web3, P2E.Game has launched a number of relevant features while in Beta. After months of Beta testing, more than 100,000 users have been seeded in P2E.Game. Pursuing a better Web3 experience that caters to Web3 and Web3 users. Also, P2E.Game offers several key components to help developers and projects. At present, P2E.Game has reached strategic partnerships with many renowned NFT and GameFi projects to form a powerful multi-dimensional alliance. For the upcoming expansion initiative, P2E.Game will create an open, transparent and user-friendly platform. To better spread the awareness of Web3 gaming and onboard more Web3 gamers, P2E.Game is also looking for high-quality projects and KOLs in the Web3 gaming field to collaborate with and grow together. Simply drop us a message at media@p2e.game if we are of interest to you. Also, feel free to join the community for the latest updates and airdrops.


P2E.Game Launchpad

If you’re looking to play or learn more about already launched projects, P2E.Game has you covered. The platform’s GameFi & NFT information aggregator provides real-time, up-to-date information on the entry requirements and time period that users can participate to get paid from an initial dex offering (IDO).

In addition to offering a comprehensive knowledge base for players, P2E.Game provides opportunities for projects. Projects can gain access to the P2E.Game audience by putting their game on the launchpad or a listed launchpad, or directly listing the game on P2E.Game. This can help projects better find their target users and help develop a community and follow what they are building.

Smart Game Library in P2E.Game

In the game library, P2E.Game collects more than 95% of GameFi projects. For high-quality projects, P2E.Game will also open a spotlight area to increase the visibility of the projects. Accordingly, the research team at P2E.Game has also launched the project review and scoring feature by using AI analyses and algorithms. If you are looking for more effective exposure in the Web3 gaming field, feel free to drop us a message at media@p2e.game.

NFT Aggregator

With the NFT Aggregator, players no longer need to switch between multiple NFT platforms to learn about different projects. P2E.Game collects