NFT Screens - AVC - Musings Of A VC In NYC

NFT Screens – AVC – Musings Of A VC In NYC

I have actually appreciated gathering NFT art over the last couple of years as well as I have quite wished to present it in a physical room vs simply having it online on an account, similar to this one.

So when we began creating the brand-new USV workplaces in 2015 we began thinking of NFT displays. We were influenced by these outstanding NFT displays in the Bright Moments NFT Gallery in Venice Beach California.

So we purchased 6 big display screens for the brand-new USV workplace, 3 picture alignment like the picture over and also 3 landscape alignment as well as hung them around the brand-new USV workplace. Right here are a couple of pictures I’ve taken of the USV NFT displays over the last couple of months:

Here is just how we handle the displays:

We got Yodecks, one for every display. A Yodeck is a raspberry pi-based cost-effective tool created the electronic signs market yet functions terrific as an NFT gamer.

There is an internet application to take care of the Yodecks as well as you can place all sort of media onto the tool. We picked to make an easy internet application that runs a playlist of NFTs on each display and also reveals the musician, title, as well as proprietor on the lower left as well as a QR code to view/buy/etc the NFT on the lower.

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