NFT Project Azuki's Twitter Account Hacked, Posts Fake Mint - CoinJournal

NFT Project Azuki’s Twitter Account Hacked, Posts Fake Mint – CoinJournal

  • The Azuki team managed to reclaim the Twitter account shortly after the attack.
  • Data shows the hacker was able to steal over $750,000 from one wallet, while several others were drained of ETH, USDC and NFTs.
  • The Azuki NFT collection brand has previously been used to lure unsuspecting users via other compromised Twitter accounts.

Hackers stole thousands of dollars’ worth of digital assets and NFTs after compromising the Twitter account of anime-inspired non-fungible token collection Azuki.

The incident, which happened on Friday, 27 January, saw the malicious actor(s) post a fake link regarding a land mint in Azuki’s The Garden metaverse.

1/ The @AzukiOfficial Twitter was compromised today. A series of malicious tweets were posted during the morning of Friday, Jan 27th (Pacific Time).

The team has regained control of the @AzukiOfficial Twitter.

Details below 👇

— Azuki (@AzukiOfficial) January 27, 2023

Hacker drained over $750,000 from one wallet

According to on-chain data from Etherscan, the result of the attack was the loss of over $752