NFT News: Don't Panic By XCOPY Sells For 500 ETH - DraftKings Nation

NFT News: Don’t Panic By XCOPY Sells For 500 ETH – DraftKings Nation

This short article initially showed up on Lucky Trader: Don’t Panic by XCOPY Sells for 500 ETH

Don’t Panic, an NFT art work developed by popular musician XCOPY in February 2019, lately cost 500 ETH, or $805,895

The musician has not yet recognized the sale.

The art work initially offered to vk_crypto on SuperRare for 1 ETH on March 6,2019 In September 2020, it was acquired by moderatsart for 12 ETH, or $4,021 That purchaser held the NFT previously as well as made money greater than $800,000 on the sale, according to SuperRare’s deal background.

XCOPY has a background of high cost sales. His art work Decay cost 345.69 ETH, or $1.45 million at the time of acquisition, as well as one more art work of his, Some Other As opening, cost 550 ETH, or $2.28 million at the time of acquisition.

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In March 2022, XCOPY launched Max Pain, an open version NFT readily available via Nifty Gateway, as well as offered greater than $22 million worth in simply 10 mins The collection has a flooring rate of 0.62 ETH on OpenSea presently.

This brand-new sale adheres to 2 various other remarkable sales in the NFT room– an uncommon, left-looking P