NFT Music: Mad Rabbits Riot Club Debuts Mixtape 'Welcome To Gang Wars' That Can Be Purchased With Cryptocurrency - KTRK-TV

NFT Music: Mad Rabbits Riot Club Debuts Mixtape ‘Welcome To Gang Wars’ That Can Be Purchased With Cryptocurrency – KTRK-TV

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A group of collectors who met each other in the crypto world built a community where artists and consumers can both benefit from digital assets. And now, they’ve collaborated with Houston artists and released an NFT, non-fungible tokens, mixtape called “Welcome to Gang Wars.”

NFTs exist in the crypto world, but they hold real value that is worth real money. Mad Rabbits Riot Club, MRRC, started off as a profile picture project, PFP, like an avatar that people use online.

MRRC’s collection of 7,500 unique Mad Rabbit NFTs are digital collectibles that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Carlos Buentello, MRRC creator, goes by Nauts in the crypto world. He said they teamed up with Sideways who were already collecting NFTs, making the new project feel “organic.”

The mixtape features artists from Sideways, a Juno award winning multi-platinum artist collective based out of Toronto, Canada.

“This is kind of the first of its kind. We’re in uncharted territory here,” Buentello said.

You can think of owning NFT music similar to owning a vinyl record. You can stream the music anywhere for free but owning the original copy of that record makes it valuable. When you own NFT music, your ownership goes to the blockchain which basically is a public record of your ownership. Making it official.

“As we grow as a brand, our collector will grow with us,” Buentello said. “It’s extremely enticing to hold these NFTs as we continue to build out and create new things that the world hasn’t seen with music and NFTs.”

MRRC x Sideways’ album “Welcome To Gang Wars” released thei