NFT Influencer Is New Victim Of Google Ads Malware - Coinspeaker

NFT Influencer Is New Victim Of Google Ads Malware – Coinspeaker

Alex, in their series of tweets, claims to have made a crucial mistake that enabled attackers to use their wallet.

A non-fungible token influencer, called NFT God, has apparently lost a significant amount of its net worth in NFTs and crypto following a wrongful download of hostile software found through Google Ads search results. According to the Twitter user called “NFT God”, their entire virtual livelihood was caught in an ambush that also attacked their crypto wallet and other related accounts.

NFT God, who also goes by the name Alex, said that they used Google’s search engine to download OBS, an open-source video streaming software. However, instead of selecting the link via the official website, they clicked the sponsored advertisement for what seemingly looked like the same thing.

However, a few hours later, following a series of phishing tweets sent out by the hackers on two Twitter accounts owned by Alex, they acknowledged the malicious software in their hardware from the sponsored advertisement that had caused unwanted activities.

After a message from some known entity, Alex also realized that their crypto wallet was robbed. The following day, hackers attacked their Substack account and forwarded phishing emails to the sixteen thousand subscribers following Alex.

Blockchain data reflects a loss worth nearly $27000 at the time, a Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT with a present floor price of 16 ET