NFT Influencer Falls Victim To OBS Malware Attack - Cryptopolitan

NFT Influencer Falls Victim To OBS Malware Attack – Cryptopolitan

A hacker stole all of the digital assets belonging to non-fungible token (NFT) influencer “NFT God” on Twitter on January 14. One of his almost 90,000 Twitter fans purchased NFT God’s stolen Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT and promised to return it for the full amount of over $25,000 in exchange for it.

The video streaming service OBS was downloaded earlier today by the influencer, whose true name is Alex. But he clicked on a Google-sponsored link that led to software that was infected with malware. Two weeks ago, John Hammond, a cybersecurity specialist, issued a warning against the bogus OBS program.

A few hours later a follower informed Alex that his Twitter account had been hacked. Within a short period of time, Alex regained control of his Twitter account and erased the hackers’ phishing posts.

Alex discovered after a few hours that the Twitter breach was simply the beginning of a series of attacks. All of his wallets had been emptied of cryptocurrencies and NFTs worth a “life-changing amount,” as per Alex.

Last night my entire digital livelihood was violated.

Every account connected to me both personally and professionally was hacked and used to hurt others.

Less importantly, I lost a life changing amount of my net worth

— NFT God (@NFT_GOD) January 15, 20