NFT Influencer 'Digital Livelihood' Violated By Phishing - BeInCrypto

NFT Influencer ‘Digital Livelihood’ Violated By Phishing – BeInCrypto

A popular NFT influencer on Twitter, “NFT God,” saw his entire digital livelihood violated because he clicked on a phishing ad link on Google. The influencer said he lost a life-changing amount of his net worth to the hackers.

His problems started when he downloaded open broadcaster software (OBS) to his desktop computer via a sponsored link on Google. Unknown to him, he had downloaded phishing malware instead.

Last night my entire digital livelihood was violated.

Every account connected to me both personally and professionally was hacked and used to hurt others.

Less importantly, I lost a life changing amount of my net worth

— NFT God (@NFT_GOD) January 15, 2023

OBS is an industry-standard video streaming software that would have allowed him to stream directly from his computer. NFT God said he wanted to live stream some video games to his followers.

How NFT God Was Phished

NFT God did not initially realize he had been phished until he got a message that his other Twitter account, “1BetterbyNFTGod,” had been hacked. The malicious player had sent out scam tweets via his account. However, he deleted those tweets two minutes after they went live.

His situation soon worsened as he realized that the owner’s address of his Bored Ape NFT was changed on OpenSea. According to him, it was at that moment he realized that all his crypto and NFTs had been taken from him. NFT God did not reveal the USD value of his assets.

Then I get the DM I’ve been dreading. “Dude you WETH’d your ape?”

I pop open the Opensea bookmark of my ape and there it is. A completely different wallet listed as the owner.

I knew at that moment it was all gone. Everything. All my crypto and NFTs ripped from me

— NFT God (@NFT_GOD)