NFT Holidays Starter Pack ❄️ - By William M. Peaster - Bankless

NFT Holidays Starter Pack ❄️ – By William M. Peaster – Bankless

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Dear Bankless Nation,

It’s that time of year again!


Like many people, you’re probably already starting to get holiday gift ideas together for the loved ones in your life. 

Maybe you have a relative or close friend who’s curious about NFTs and you want to help them dive in deeper. Where to begin?

Here my recommended starter combo would be a little bit of ETH, a Ledger hardware wallet, and an inexpensive NFT for playing around with. Keep it simple, right. 

The ETH + Ledger will help them get straight into self-custody and prepare  for their first transactions and mints. The NFT (of which there are many you can buy for less than 0.01Ξ each on OpenSea) will give them a low-stakes digital collectible they can practice viewing, listing, and so forth. 

You’ve still got plenty of time to get your gift plans in order though! For now, let’s catch you up on notable NFT headlines from this week. Thanks for reading everyone ✌️


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  • Bankless introduced the Bankless Market for its digital collectibles releases:

  • ENS DAO voted for a new endowment fund manager

  • Genie, the NFT marketplace aggregator, is still planning an airdrop

  • Linagee Name Registrar, the first NFT project on Ethereum, has an updated resolver contract

  • Magic Eden, the popular Solana NFT marketplace, added support for Polygon

  • Quix, the first NFT marketplace on the Optimism L2, is transitioning  to being open source

  • ApeCoin DAO launched a bespoke marketplace for Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. 

  • Doodles saw a Devil Rainbow Puke Doodle sell for 50 ETH, the highest Doodle sale in five months. 

  • Moonbirds migrated on-chain

  • Art of this Millenium (AOTM) gallery launched and announced its initial roster of artists

  • Nick Kruder released Zibaldone, a generative and collaborative glyph-based series, on Foundation.

  • Vinnie Hagar is releasing a digital collectibles drop through Instagram:

  • Axie Infinity just kicked off the Saigon testnet for the Ronin sidechain. 

    • Axie Origins: Season 2 is introducing new gameplay mechanics, too. 

  • AavegotchiDAO voted to create a new foundation that will have 9 multisig signers/directors

  • Castaways, an island survival sandbox game, said users that don’t honor the project’s royalties won’t receive future airdrops

  • Folia announced Straylight Protocol, a generative onchain multiplayer game by Paul Seidler of terra0

  • The Beacon, a free to play MMORPG on Arbitrum, launched its prototype:

  • Catalog just welcomed its latest musician arrivals

  • DecentralandDAO introduced Technical AMA Sessions.

  • LandVault, a metaverse infrastructure project, added support for Otherside and NFT Worlds parcels. 

  • Voxels is holding a Black Friday sale on three hard-to-get parcels.

  • Uniswap is running a $3M bug bounty program.

  • 🆕 Read Building Back Better with OP Stack in Bankless 

  • 🗣️ Watch Was 2021 a Gigantic Ponzi? on Bankless

  • 🌱 Watch Coordination Mechanisms with Griff Green on Green Pill 

  • 🙇 Catch up on my write-ups from this week: 

    • Thankful for Zora Drops

    • Finding NFT mints with Gem

    • How to Double Down on DeFi

William M. Peaster is a professional writer and creator of Metaversal—a Bankless newsletter focused on the emergence of NFTs in the cryptoeconomy. He’s also recently been contributing content to Bankless, JPG, and beyond!

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