NFT (2022) Crypto Collection Scary - Intro Trailer - MOVIES As Well As MANIA

NFT (2022) Crypto Collection Scary – Intro Trailer – MOVIES As Well As MANIA

All United States launches unless mentioned.

September 1:
Who Invited Them— Shudder

September 2:
All Eyes— Theatrical, VOD
The Harbinger— Theatrical, VOD
Jikirag— VOD
Surrogate— VOD on Amazon
Tiny Cinema— Theatrical
Wire Room— Theatrical, VOD

September 5:
The Stranger in Our Bed— VOD (UK)
Vampire Academy— Netflix

September 6:
Curse of the Kraken also known as Sea Monster— DVD
Kingdom of the Dinosaurs— DVD
Something in the Woods— DVD and also VOD
The Stranger— Digital and also VOD
Tiny Cinema— VOD
Thor: Love as well as Thunder— VOD

September 9:
Barbarian— Theatrical
End of the Road— Netflix
House of Darkness— Theatrical
Margaux— VOD, Prime
Speak No Evil— Theatrical (LA, NY)
Tad the Lost Explorer and also menstruation of the Mummy— VOD

September 12:
Jurassic Valley— DVD (UK)

September 13:
The Alternate— DVD, Amazon Prime
Deus— DVD, Digital, Amazon Prime
Greywood’s Plot— Digital
House of Darkness— Amazon Prime
The Legend of Hawes— Amazon Prime
The Red Book Ritual— Amazon Prime
Wicked Ones— Amazon Prime
Wire Room— Blu-ray, DVD, Amazon Prime

September 14:
The Retaliators— Theatrical (around the world)

September 15:
How Dark They Prey— Prime, WatchMoviesNow
Speak No Evil— Shudder

September 16:
Goodnight Mommy– Amazon Prime
Greywood’s Plot— Digital
Morbius— Netflix
Pearl(innovator to X)– Theatrical
Surrogate— Tubi, Google Television

September 19:
Jeepers Creepers Reborn— Fathom Events
The Last Thing Mary Saw— DVD, Digital (UK)

September 20:
When the Screaming Starts— Screambox

September 22:
Raven’s Hollow— Shudder

September 23:
Bandit— Theatrical, VOD, Redbox
Blank— Theatrical, VOD
Control— Theatrical
Dig— VOD
Don’t Worry Darling— Theatrical
The Enforcer(Antonio Banderas)– Theatrical, VOD
Lou— Netflix
Section Eight— Theatrical, AMC+

September 27:
Control— VOD
Girl at the Window— VOD
The Munsters— Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, Netflix
Nix— VOD

September 29:
Sissy— Shudder

September 30:
After She Died— VOD
Dead for a Dollar— Theatrical, VOD
Devil’s Workshop— Digital, VOD
My Best Friend’s Exorcism— Amazon Prime
Never Forgotten— VOD
Other Monsters— VOD
See How They Run— Theatrical
Smile— Theatrical
Vesper— VOD

October 1:
Deinfluencer— VOD
Two Witches— Arrow streaming

October 4:
They Crawl Beneath— Blu-ray, DVD
Watcher— Blu-ray

October 5:
Mr. Harrigan’s Phone— Netflix
Terrifier 2— Theatrical, Screambox

October 6:
Deadstream— Shudder

October 7:
Amsterdam– Theatrical
Hellraiser— Hulu
The Inhabitant— Theatrical (restricted)
MK Ultra— Theatrically, VOD
Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind— VOD
Project Wolf Hunting— DVD, VOD

October 11:
Don’t F ck in the Woods 2— VOD