Mythical Games Raises $50M, Releases NFT- Gaming Marketplace - Blockzeit

Mythical Games Raises $50M, Releases NFT- Gaming Marketplace – Blockzeit

Mythical Games, a web3 gaming giant, may raise $50 million from investors to expand in the decentralized gaming space. This follows the company’s announcement of initiatives to bring web3 to the average gamer. CEO John Linden reportedly traveled to Dubai to seek investors, and the company is considering raising $50 million to expand its business.

Mythical Games last raised $150 million in November 2021 at a valuation of $1.25 billion, with investors including Andreessen Horowitz joining the round. Furthermore, the company announced the launch of a new marketplace, Mythical Marketplace 2.0, which aims to make decentralized gaming more accessible to gamers

Mythical secretly acquired DMarket and has been incorporating its technology into its marketplace platform for several months. The upgrade has already resulted in increased monthly transactions and in the six weeks since its launch, the new marketplace has processed over 2 million transactions.

Introducing Web3 to players

Mythical Games 2.0 has launched a new version of its marketplace, which is designed to improve the player experience and set the standard for the future of gaming. According to John Linden, the CEO of Mythical Games, the company aims to provide a seamless and integrated experience for gamers, which he claims has been lacking in the industry until now.

To achieve this, Mythical Games has acquired DMarket, an advanced trading platform for digital assets. The Ukraine-based company will become part of Mythical East, which is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. Both companies share a vision of how the gaming industry will evolve and how they can contribute to making it more fun for gamers worldwide, said Vlad Panchenko, the CEO of DMarket.

Game slate for Mythical

As the blockchain gaming industry continues to grow and more experienced video game developers enter the space, Mythical Games has established a strong presence in the market through its successful game launches