LimeWire Is Now An NFT Marketplace - PopCrush

LimeWire Is Now An NFT Marketplace – PopCrush

Here are words you never ever assumed you would certainly listen to in 2022: LimeWire is back!

LimeWire trending on Twitter in this day as well as age was most definitely something that no one carried their bingo card. Currently, Millennials and also Zillennials are recollecting regarding the days of contaminating your family members’s desktop computer system with an infection simply to obtain that brand-new Soulja Boy download and install– and also it’s all since LimeWire has actually been reanimated … with a spin.

Apparently, LimeWire is currently a “market for songs NFTs.”

In an intro video clip, the scene is established with the opening notes of “Crank That (Soulja Boy).” 2 youngsters run upstairs after institution to log onto LimeWire and also shed a CD, carrying us back to the very early 2000 s.

The video clip after that blinks onward to the here and now as well as reveals a developed variation of both children logging onto the brand-new LimeWire NFT market and also dance to the very same Soulja Boy track– sans the famous Soulja Boy dancing, unfortunately.

Naturally, individuals on the web had differing responses to the information. Well, primarily memes.

One of the major elements of the video clip individuals zeroed in on was the absence of dance (correctl