Legendary Games Launches First NFT Game, 'Blankos Block Party'|Bitcoinist.com - Bitcoinist

Legendary Games Launches First NFT Game, ‘Blankos Block Party’|Bitcoinist.com – Bitcoinist

Epic Games has actually been among minority significant typical video game designers as well as authors out there to reveal a clear rate of interest in NFTs. While the rate 1 video gaming business hasn’t been specifically hostile in the room rather yet, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has an infamous pro-developer position, as well as has actually revealed that NFTs can reveal terrific energy in pc gaming– with sufficient time and also advancement.

While Epic has most likely hedged their wagers, as well as will likely be enough in being a ‘2nd moving company’– not rather initial to enter, yet definitely not last– there’s been some grip today as Epic has actually provided their first-ever NFT video game, ‘Blankos Block Party,’ on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games & Blankos Block Party

Gaming workshop Mythical Games initially released Blankos Block Party about 2 years ago with an open beta, and also Mythical has actually because declared that over one million gamers have actually involved with the title. Today, the Epic Games Store included Blankos Block Party to their offerings, making the title the very first Web3 or NFT based title to see the Epic Games store front.

We initially covered Mythical’s vision around Blankos, as well as Web3 video gaming at big, back in 2018 when the firm finished a $16 M fundraising round. The video game takes an extremely Roblox-esque existing