La Flor Dominicana Golden NFT Cigars Shipped To Owners -

La Flor Dominicana Golden NFT Cigars Shipped To Owners –

In August, La Flor Dominicana marketed 7 NFTs that likewise included a custom-made humidor and also the capacity to buy approximately 70 unique stogies monthly. Currently, the initial delivery of those stogies has actually been sent off to their proprietors, several of whom are attempting to market those stogies for as long as $200 per stogie.

The NFTs– a non-fungible token that is an electronic art piece portraying a stogie– were offered by means of the UREEQA system. The champion of each NFT obtained not just the electronic art, yet likewise a 50- matter Gold Bullion Humidor as well as the right to acquire approximately 70 Golden NFT stogies monthly. The Golden NFT stogie is a 6 1/4 x 41 variation of the La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull, a vitola that has actually additionally been called the Toritos as well as, for several years, has actually been an individual stogie of Tony Gomez of La Flor Dominicana.

In total amount, the mixed list price of the 7 public auctions were $614,779:

  • 1– $85,000
  • 2– $78,001
  • 3– $90,000
  • 4– $90,000
  • 5– $92,000
  • 6– $81,777
  • 7– $98,001

The bulk– yet not all– of the winning proposals were put by stogie stores, a few of which have actually started detailing the stogies available. 2 of the sellers have the Golden NFT provided for $200 per stogie, though among them supplies reduced prices if even more stogies are bought. La Flor Dominicana formerly mentioned that it would certainly bill the NFT proprietors $15 per stogie for every stogie.

La Flor Dominicana really did not especially plan for the stogies to be marketed by means of sellers, so the business really did not produce an MSRP for the Golden NFT stogies. The firm’s setting is that the proprietors can select to re-sell the stogies at whatever cost they such as, not re-sell the stogies, or perhaps not acquire the stogies to begin with.

Furthermore, the proprietors of the NFT might market the possession of the NFT itself. When that takes place, the brand-new proprietor is after that able to acquire approximately 70 Golden NFT stogies each month.

This is not the very first time La Flor Dominicana has actually developed a subscription program to disperse this particular stogie. La Flor Dominicana has actually done a comparable point with its Fleur D’Or Club, a club developed for individuals w