KQuasars Launches New Astrophysical NFT Collection – Press Release Bitcoin News - Bitcoin News

KQuasars Launches New Astrophysical NFT Collection – Press Release Bitcoin News – Bitcoin News

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PRESS RELEASE. St. Barth, August 9, 2022 – KQuasars launches new astrophysical NFT collection. After studying with renowned physicists, meeting the CERN team and paying close attention to LIGO’s work, Kay Quattrocchi has joined forces with his son Harrisson Bordjel, inspirator and co-creator, and Sander Sturing a generative artist from the Netherlands, to build a black hole and quasar generator. Their code is algorithmically creating 777 unique NFTs, 555 black holes and 222 quasars exploring their fascinating presence.

Kay is using new technology to investigate the connections between science, art, space, time, consciousness, in which she has had a longstanding interest. KQuasars is the first NFT collection to be produced in St. Barth, and they are thrilled to be paving the way for NFTs on the island, applying the ideas that have guided their efforts in a completely different industry. The KQuasars are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a KQuasars costs 0.5ETH.

From a well-established contemporary artist in St. Barth

Kay Quattrocchi is a post-war international mixed media artist, painter and sculptor. For a very long time, she has produced collections that investigate astrophysical topics that are directly related to people. Her work is “allowing minds to feel the enormous thrill of being there and striving to understand ourselves and our existence,” in addition to the formal rigor of fine-art painting that is inspired by the most recent scientific discoveries revealing some of the universe’s secrets. A natural clairvoyant who perceives the invisible world but believes firmly in science, she has dedicated decades to studying the impossibly big and the infinitely small.

She is making her mark in the NFT arena using this new technology to depict her longtime obsession with the universe as the rest of the world catches up and turns its attention to a metaverse. Her KQuasars are numeric art that originate from the heart and the human consciousness, as is seen through the colors, the forms, the movements, and the connection between shadow and light, which creates an emotional connection.

Unique skills and knowledge

Articles from CERN astrophysicists, LIGO’s theory about bl