How Two 19-Year-Old Scammers Are Launching NFT Projects And ... - Cryptopolitan

How Two 19-Year-Old Scammers Are Launching NFT Projects And … – Cryptopolitan

On-chain investigator ZachXBT has uncovered a group of sneaky teenage scammers who use Twitter to swindle collectors by launching NFT projects and robbing them, and he has outlined the process by which they carry out their elaborate scheme.

How the scammers did it

Along with their Twitter handles, Zach posted that @/radoko and @/Fitz_lol, two verified accounts that at first glance seemed to be NFT creators, popped up in December 2022. They started to be very active and gained a lot of followers, all of which turned out to be fake, according to Zach’s investigation.

The investigator went on to say that the crooks had either sold or stolen the accounts from their victims. Soon after that, they started making cringe Tweets botting the engagement and promoting more than six different rug projects that they create.

Zach posted evidence demonstrating that @/rodoko and @/Fitz_lol were the ones who created those projects because they are connected to the former’s public wallet in addition to their other rug pulls. Zach’s evidence can be found here.

Zach uncovered the fact that the vast majority of the scammers’ “tweets” resulted in the addition of two more rugs. Before moving on to the next scam, each of the projects adheres to the same pattern of being funded through FixedFloat, created with BuenoArt, and having a limited supply.

The on-chain sleuth also shared screenshots of multiple people who claimed the perpetrators had taken advantage of them and scammed them.

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