The Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur’s new ViciNFT company helps design, develop and manage carbon neutral NFTs that support charities.

(Jon Fisher)

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The NFT craze seems to be finally over. After months of bad news for the crypto space, filled with news of celebrity crypto scams, crypto giants going bankrupt, and increasing calls for crypto regulation, people now understood that crypto is not meant to be a way to get rich quickly. However, no one should get confuse the end of the NFT craze with the end of NFT technology, which is very much here to stay.

The increasing awareness around NFT and crypto scams has resulted in an unprecedented cleanup. Now entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, and philanthropists can focus on taking advantage of the full potential of the technologies. One of the people leading the charge in this regard is Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur Jon Fisher, the mind behind startups like CrowdOptic, Bharosa, NetClerk, and AutoReach.

Jon has been well known in Silicon Valley for being a pioneer who’s often at the forefront of innovation and taking risks others won’t. For example, he was one of the first people to make use of augmented reality (AR) to develop what is now called “intelligent live streaming,” which effectively “allows you to look through walls.” Today, Jon has been especially interested in technologies like NFTs, combining them with his interests in philanthropic endeavors.

ViciNFT was born as a result of this interest and Jon’s cooperation with other entrepreneurs like Vit Kantor, Richard Smith, and Jordan French. The company helps individuals and organizations design, develop, and manage NFTs that are not only carbon-neutral but also help support charities. To date, Vici