Horse Racing NFT-Game OHRAC: Own, Manage AndWin - XTZ News

Horse Racing NFT-Game OHRAC: Own, Manage AndWin – XTZ News

OHRAC is an NFT-based Horse Racing game built on Tezos. Players can buy, sell, trade, and collect the NFTs. They can also choose to play the corresponding game.

Players will act as managers of the horses they own and aspire to make profits by reselling their cards on the secondary market.

By playing the game, you can make your horse progress and move up in rankings to increase the functionality and value of the card.

Which manager will spot the future winner of the Arc de Triumph or the Prix d’Amérique?

The NFTs can be bought on the primary OHRAC market with Euros (€) or XTZ. On the secondary market, trades can be made exclusively in XTZ. 

Some of the cards in the game will have real-life advantages.

Owners of certain cards will be able to meet the actual horse on the race course and experience a race or visit a stallion husbandry.

In order to provide additional content and additional market information, will be created.

Players can find simplified statistics on the horses that are present on the marketplace in order to better understand the horses statistics of OHRAC points and on the horse charts.

Secondly, will provide visibility of all  market information (number of cards on the market, average price, last buyers etc…) in order to make them transparent.

The game

The game is set up in such a way that players can experience horse racing to t