GameStop Pulls 'Tasteless' NFT Based On 9/11 'Falling Man' Photo - PetaPixel

GameStop Pulls ‘Tasteless’ NFT Based On 9/11 ‘Falling Man’ Photo – PetaPixel

NFt Falling Man

GameStop has actually eliminated an NFT from its market that plainly looks like the “Falling Man” photo taken throughout the 9/11 terrorist strikes on the World Trade.

The “unappetizing” NFT includes an astronaut dropping in the very same present as well as with the very same history as that of the image taken by the Associated Press (AP) professional photographer Richard Drew on September 11,2001

But after it was flagged by web sleuths as well as got some focus online, GameStop introduced that the NFT has actually been secured “completely” from the industry and also they had actually withdrawed the musician’s capability to mint any type of future NFTs.

” This customer has currently had their minting capability eliminated from their account, as well as we have actually currently remained in straight call with the designer concerning these activities,” GameStop states in reaction to the uproar over the NFT.

A screenshot of a straight messaging discussion in between GameStop and also a Twitter customer reveals the individual highlighting the concern: “Please do not allow individuals benefit off of a catastrophe like that. It’s unappetizing and also gross.” GameStopNFT responded by claiming it “will certainly be gotten rid of from our market totally.”