From PAK To Fewocious, These Are The Top NFT Artists Around The World - Augustman Malaysia

From PAK To Fewocious, These Are The Top NFT Artists Around The World – Augustman Malaysia

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is a fairly new realm in itself. Exclusive ownership, the authenticity of an item, digital artworks, collectables, real estate, music and even its own digital currency — understanding the NFT sphere means stepping inside a virtual universe with its own set of dynamics and vibrant features. And, speaking of digital artwork and NFT collections, the top and most famous NFT artists around the world constantly strive to bridge the gap between the virtual and real arenas and bring alive stunning artworks that evoke imagination while giving strong messages.

Gone are the days when one would visit a gallery to purchase a unique artwork and decorate it as their living room centrepiece. In today’s digital world, there are dedicated marketplaces and online galleries which house some of the most famous NFT collections for you to choose from and buy. Blockchain-minted and uniquely coded NFT art can range from rare doodles, cartoon figures, music, albums, videos or literally anything that one might fancy.

With NFT sales running into billions of dollars, it has really changed the way one perceives investments. Easy buying of cryptocurrency, an energy-efficient minting process and a variety of NFT art can make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

In fact, some of the highest-rated NFT marketplaces have also provided an interactive platform to the NFT community, where both buyers and sellers can come together and chat, discover new budding artists and explore digital art just like how a person would do at the local gallery. OpenSea (the largest NFT marketplace), SuperRare and Nifty Gateway are among the best ones to visit.

The best part is that being an NFT artist doesn’t have any age cap and one can be anonymous as well. From a 19-year-old Fewocious to an 87-year-old José Delbo, the most famous NFT artists all have their own ways of expressing and creating.

If you are ready to delve into the NFT world and wish to know more about some of the top and most famous NFT artists, we have you covered.

The most famous and best-selling NFT artists in the world


Image credit: SuperRare

Considered one of the most prolific and successful NFT artists, PAK also has some of the most expensive NFT collections to his credit. The anonymous artist formerly called PAK Murat, is quite active on social media and is the brain behind Archillect, the AI algorithm that helps you scout for images on the internet to post on social media handles.

In 2020, PAK released an NFT tilted Cloud Monument Dark on SuperRare which fetched 3.5 ETH or USD 788. His highest-grossing NFT Clock ticked in at a whopping amount of USD 20,232,912.15 which translates to about 16,593.059 ETH.

It has got nothing to do with an actual clock but is a digital count of the number of days WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange is held up in Belmarsh Prison. All proceeds from this NFT sale go into funding Assange’s legal battle.

In December 2021, PAK released the NFT art collection titled Merge on Nifty Gateway which sold for a record amount of USD 91.8 million and can be safely referred to as one of the most expensive collections in the NFT universe.


Image credit: Christie’s

Mike Winkelmann, who popularly goes by the name Beeple, is one of the earliest digital art creators to have entered the NFT zone. This graphic designer-turned-NFT artist gets the highest applause for drawing mainstream attention and shedding a spotlight on NFTs.

In March 2021, Beeple broke all records and topped the charts for having sold the most expensive and famous NFT art. The piece, titled Everydays: The First 5000 Days, took 13 years to be made and is a collage of 5,000 small NFTs. It was the first of its kind to be sold by the renowned auction house Christie’s for a jaw-dropping price of USD 69,346,250. His other works from the Everydays collection became a huge phenomenon and acted as an impetus to the NFT community.

Other noted works from the talented artist include a plethora of objects and designs, ranging from whimsical giant flies buzzing around Mike Pence’s gladiator figure, with regards to the 2020 US vice presidential debate, to a pixelated Mona Lisa. His artworks are both innovative and timeless and provoke the imagination of the viewers.


NFT Fewocious
Image credit: Fewocious

Don’t let Victor Langlois’ age deceive you, because in the guise of a 19-year-old resides one of the most successful and ground-breaking crypto art creators. He goes by the name Fewocious, and has garnered around USD 50 million through NFT art. As a prominent face of the queer NFT community, Fewocious is among the most popular NFT artists with a total sale of 3,189 NFTs.

His creation, Nice to Meet You, I’m Mr. MiSUNDERSTOOD, became the highest-selling digital art for the auction house Sotheby’s when it was minted in September 2021. The piece depicts a brightly coloured sobbing man, surrounded by colourful clouds and flowers.

Fewocious broke his personal record in April 2022, by earning USD 20 million on Nifty Gateway with his Paint Drop NFT collection as part of the creator’s upcoming generative art project — Fewoworld.

Fewocious brings the digital canvas alive with his whimsical and vibrant creative designs that are vivid, graphic and reminiscent of his oil paintings. Replete with colourful imagery interjected with monochrome patches, they are an escape from his rough and abusive childhood into a more playful mindset.


NFT artist XCopy
Image credit: OpenSea

As one of the popular digital art creators, XCopy has long made his presence felt as a brilliant NFT artist. Nothing less than a renowned celebrity in this sphere, XCopy keeps his identity anonymous but is known to live in London.

His famous Right-click and Save As guy NFT became a major hit and was lapped up by rapper Snoop Dogg for a reported price of USD 7 million. The iconic NFT is a meme against digital-art critics who feel this space is absolutely worthless and that online art can be saved and procured just by a click. In fact, this isn’t the first time that the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” star indulged in an XCopy creation. He also bought Some Asshole for a reported price of USD 3.9 million. It depicts a character in a suit and tie against an edgy red background.

XCopy also grabbed headlines for the Nifty Gateway collection Max Pain which amassed nearly USD 23 million in just 10 minutes in March 2022. His digital art tends to lean on the gory side and evokes a sense of a dark, macabre dystopian world.

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