French Artist Julien Durix Launches His Genesis NFT Collection "Like A Brush" - The National Herald

French Artist Julien Durix Launches His Genesis NFT Collection “Like A Brush” – The National Herald



French Artist Julien Durix Launches His Genesis NFT Collection ‘Like a Brush’

Paris, France– August 15, 2022– ( )

Durix is a prominent musician within modern art circles, and also his jobs have actually been shown in a few of one of the most distinguished art places worldwide. This consists of provings in famous cities fresh York, Monaco, Paris, Miami, and also Singapore. He’s launched over 500 very ranked jobs as well as is currently among one of the most leading modern musicians of his generation. Today, Durix stands high among various other modern musicians as he is not just damaging brand-new obstacles within his area, however he’s additionally blazing brand-new tracks in brand-new as well as unknown region. That is precisely what his NFT collection is everything about.

Durix’s brand-new NFT collection “Like A Brush” is a collection which will certainly be released on the Ethereum blockchain. The jobs will certainly stand for 3D brushes that are influenced by his initial sculptures along styles as well as personalities from deep space of his jobs. The collection will certainly be presenting a brand-new as well as one-of-a-kind design to the globe of NFTs. The collection will certainly connect the void in between physical and also electronic art.

” Like A Brush” NFT decrease is extremely ingenious. It presents a vibrant shed system to the collection. Upon 3 melt home windows, owners will certainly be provided the selection to shed their NFT for a physical art work of Durix. The ingenious element of this is that the worth of the physical art work you can retrieve by melting will certainly be various at every home window.

” Entering web3 as a musician is a really amazing trip for me. Being a modern musician producing physical art, linking the void in between physical as well as electronic art is a significant landmark I wish to achie