Flying Force Problems NFT Obstacle Coins - Duffel Blog

Flying Force Problems NFT Obstacle Coins – Duffel Blog

WASHINGTON– The Air Force has actually revealed the launch of NFT difficulty coins today which will certainly be sustained by its cryptocurrency, Blue Falcoin. The relocation comes weeks after the Air Force exposed a $1.7 million financial investment in Herbalife.

The statement was made throughout a Twitch stream by previous Enron CFO as well as present Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall: “Bro, you obtained ta believe me. We are mosting likely to be tales hereafter. L-E-G-A-N-D-S (sp). Crypto is the future, brother. We are the future. The buck isn’t a buck however crypto is the brand-new buck. We can be like Elon Musk and also John McAfee. In and also out, pump & discard, much like Iraq.”

Blue Falcoin, the greatly not successful Air Force cryptocurrency, will certainly be utilized to sustain the electronic Challenge Coins. Blue Falcoin shed 90% of its worth previously this year after a slide in the supply cost of Bed Bath & Beyond. It is presently trading at.000000000002 cents.

The inaugural coin got on the NFT trading website Open Sea quickly after the news from Kendall. Initially proposal for $20,000, the coin portraying Hiroshima’s battle was eventually bought by Reddit customer/ u/vladamirputinmybutt for $3.

After the news, onlookers kept in mind that Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Brown tweeted over 200 times to advertise the NFT coins. :

  • ” Call us the area pressure due to the fact that we are going to the MOON!”

  • ” General Milley is an old boomer butt fiat-loving slut.”


  • ” Can you blend drug, viagra, and also ambien?” (This seems a Google search Brown unintentionally tweeted)”

  • ” WARNING: Screenshotting our NFT will certainly lead to a prompt drone strike”

  • ” My Twitter has actually been hacked. Please ignore any kind of tweets