First-Of-Its-Kind Privacy-Preserving NFTs Used As Certificate For Massive Open Online Course - Medium

First-Of-Its-Kind Privacy-Preserving NFTs Used As Certificate For Massive Open Online Course – Medium

In a first-of-its-kind campaign, NFTs as well as badges will certainly be granted as a training course credential from DeFi MOOC. These NFTs go past the normal capabilities seen today, as these will certainly use privacy-protecting performance. By using Oasis Platform’s safe information administration API, called Parcel, program qualifications can be validated while individual info is maintained exclusive.

The very first DeFi MOOC– a Massive Open Online Course everything about DeFi– was kept in Fall 2021 by Professor Dawn Song, Christine Parlour (University of California, Berkeley), Dan Boneh (Stanford), Andrew Miller (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), and also Arthur Gervais (Imperial College London).

Since after that, the program has actually brought in several hundreds of pupils taking part from over 30 nations throughout the globe as well as presently flaunts greater than 180 K lecture sights. As a means to memorialize the conclusion of this program, each certified trainee will certainly currently be granted a DeFi MOOC 2021 NFT.

Given the need to have both a tradable NFT and also a non-tradable certification, the DeFi MOOC group has actually released a DeFi MOOC NFT and also a Soulbound MBuddy Identity badge that accredits trainees’ program accomplishment. Soulbound symbols are one more kind of NFT that are irreversible, and also non-transferable.

DeFi MOOC will certainly be making use of a privacy-enhancing service sustained by MetaMirror on the Oasis Network– the leading scalable and also privacy-enabled layer-1 blockchain network– to offer proven qualification while shielding customer information and also personal privacy.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the inspirations and also future of this amazing modern technology.

In significance, DeFi MOOC will certainly be utilizing trainees’ MBuddy Identity to disperse course NFTs. This will certainly:

  • Offer a non-transferable identification badge that functions as the training course conclusion certification, that can be recycled on various other events.
  • Preserve the personal privacy of the NFT receiver as trainees will certainly not require to subject their pocketbook addresses to the program personnel, or any kind of various other unneeded celebrations
  • Be useful in the MBuddy system as an input for user-defined identification generation to produce even more detailed identifications.

Each certified trainee will certainly be offered both a tradable NFT and also a non-tradable badge. There will certainly be 4 rates of NFTs and also the NFTs will certainly be dispersed based on the guidelines on the MOOC’s site (

Most individuals recognize blockchain to have fundamental calculation performance, usually with a sacrifice on individual’s information personal privacy. By making use of Oasis’ Parcel– a privacy-first information administration SDK developed to place delicate information to make use of while maintaining it safe and secure as well as exclusive– the DeFi MOOC is able to execute a non-transferable certification while securing the identification of the NFT owner. This certification verifies that the program has actually been completed, while concealing real-world identification from the linked pocketbook address.

Parcel has actually been made use of in NFT innovation on Oasis in the kind of Confidential NFTs which once more stand for added performance for these blockchain possessions. Confidential NFTs run similar to normal NFTs yet likewise give accessibility to totally personal information that, on Parcel’s complete consent as well as calculate layer, can be propounded