Everything You Need To Know About The First NFT Book - The Cryptonomist

Everything You Need To Know About The First NFT Book – The Cryptonomist

The NFT Magazine, a project created by The Cryptonomist and ArtRights, has reached its 11th edition and this time the issue was dedicated to the Crypto Art Begins project, the first book in the form of NFT published by Rizzoli.

The magazine will be on sale on Opensea in public sale starting September 2, for 0.05 ETH with a collage of the book’s 50 covers on the cover.

The private sale, on the other hand, will be on sale on Thenftmag, the project’s official website, from yesterday, August 28, 2022.

Note that almost all previous issues of NFT Magazine have sold out and sold over 100 ETH in total.

Crypto Art – Begins, the first NFT book.

“CRYPTO ART – Begins” is the first Phygital book, thus standing at an intermediate point between print and Web3. Published by Rizzoli, the book will be sold in both print and NFT form.

This is why the book “CRYPTO ART – Begins” published by Rizzoli Italy and New York is born, based on the idea and project of The NFT Magazine, the first monthly magazine to be read and collected on the Ethereum blockchain, born from the collaboration between ArtRights and The Cryptonomist.

Ownership of the NFT will give the right to receive a preview of the physical book in its limited edition, whose covers celebrate the best works of the 50 artists, as well as guaranteeing numerous experiences between physical and digital, resulting in one of the biggest drops i