Event Description

Supply 3000

Presale 30th July 0.08ETH

Public 31st July 0.12ETH

A narrative driven NFT project following an epic tale of adversity within a segregated dystopian society. The Wen Lamb Bros are a flock of humanoid sheep created in an experiment using new blockchain technology.

Holders are immersed into the midst of the Wen Lambo saga and will benefit from zero fee future drops, working with the Devs to build an exclusive NFT portfolio app that generates revenue, P2E game access, Metaverse secret location Clubhouse access and so much more.

The project is driven by UK based Developers behind the crypto charting Wen Lambo App and the roadmap boasts substantial development to which WEN LAMBO LTD is comfortably accustomed to. This community driven project will be totally transparent and holders will be involved with development and kept up to speed with its progress every step of the way.

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