Event Description

Wall Street Wolves is a collection of 10,000 hand drawn wolves. The main focus of this project is entrepreneurship, where 70% of the proceeds from the mint will be put in the vault. There will be “hunt” cycles where holders can stake their Wolves and receive $WSW tokens. WHile holders are staking their Wolves, the vault will be invested into other projects and crypto currencies by a fully doxxed and reputable¬† team of traders. The remaining 30% of the mint funds will be used to hire credible and experienced entreprenuers to come and speak to the community and share their expertise in their fields. This project will be broken up into 4 rounds. Each round will increase in price at least 20% and will come with more utility than the previous round. However, our first round will be the Founder’s Token sale. This Token is special because it will not only be used to redeem a Wall Street Wolve NFT but it will also have future perks and utilities. Our Founder’s Token sale will be limited to a drop of 1,000… you’re not going to want to miss out!

Total Supply