Event Description

VirSin is short for Virtue and Sin.  Phase 1 features the Sin, a 10k NFT collection of an algorithmically-generated hero character who by way of the Seven Deadly Sins loses his way and turns villain.  Phase 2 will introduce the SEVEN VIRTUES, who are our remaining hero characters who must work together to stop the Sin.  Phase 3 features Virtue VS. Sin

The Project

Comprehensive White Paper
Roadmap to 4th Qtr 2023
Ethereus platform launch 
Sin NFT (Phase 1)
Virtue NFT (Phase 2)
Virture VS. Sin NFT (Phase 3)
And more…

The Perks

Earn the prestigious crypto access card (CAC) NFT based on number of VirSin NFTs minted

Mint 1: Earn Unclassified Cac
Mint 3: Earn Confidential Cac
Mint 5: Earn Secret Cac
Mint 10: Earn Top Secret Cac 

Each crypto access card grants controlled access to features on our upcoming Ethereus platform.  To learn more about Ethereus, how it compliments the storyline, what it will mean to the NFT community, and our overall vision for the VirSin NFT project read our Whitepaper  https://links.virsin.com/

If you are as excited as we are about this project, join our community and claim your whitelist spot in 3 easy steps

1 – Join the discord! https://discord.gg/virsin

2 – Say “VirSin WL” in general chat

3 – Open a ticket and say “WL me”

See you on Ethereus!!! 

Total Supply