Event Description

Japanese culture and traditions inspired us to create the collection of 10 000 unique ninja warriors. We strongly believe that familiarity with traditions and culture not only of your own nation but others also has a strong positive impact on the world society and simply makes you a better person. Our choice of Ninja as our hero was not accidental. 300 years ago, ninjas were basically highly qualified spies and assassins, however our hero is definitely a good guy. We believe that his main goal is to pass on everything he knows to those who deserve to become a true warrior. We are making more than funny and creative art, we aim to unite those who think alike into a community or as we prefer calling it – the Clan.  Our Clan is built on the principle of equality of its members and we wish we could spread this principle worldwide. Our project goes far beyond the mint date. We are planning the further growth of our community, running giveaways, we are also currently working on the staking model for our project and lots of more. However, we believe our main goal is to be maybe the first project which makes not only cool NFT’s but also pays attention to charity and support because that’s something that really matters. Since Japan is the place our character is originally from that’s where we shall start our support project, the members of our Clan will vote to choose the martial arts schools we are going to support.

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