Event Description

Supply: TBD Mint price: TBD Mint date: TBD Solbnb is a community-owned event and vacation rental company. SolBNB holders will own a share of the company. Through ownership, basically holding Solbnb NFT, you will gain access to Dao, staking, raffles, and alpha as well as other valuable utilities. We are community-owned and community-run! We have a great structure but every decision is made by the community. This will be a fun journey! We have been in the vacation rental space for 5 years. The vacation rental space has been lucrative to me and my partners from day one. Now, we feel like it’s time to share the wealth in a fun way. Stay tuned, we are the 1st to do this. We will be trendsetters! For free mint OG whitelist: 1. Must be following @solbnbnft on Twitter. 2. Must retweet @solbnbnft’s pinned tweet. 3. Invite 2 people to follow @Solbnbnft Twitter. 4. Must join Solbnbnft’s Discord. 5. Must invite 1 person to our Discord. 6. Post proof in Solbnb Discord.

Total Supply