Event Description

We are causing a stir in the NFT space! No more boring projects or promises of a free concert that you will never attend or tickets to a conference on the other side of the world… Holding a Skelectable NFT or Skele as we call it will bring you vainglory, envy, greed, gluttony, wrath and sloth every week from the moment you join the organization… Once the project activates through roadmap activation we will be issuing a total of a 1,000 NFTs in weekly raffle giveaways along with spot prizes totalling over $500k and someone could walk away with the $100k Treasure Chest! This will bring you excitement and participation every week!This isn’t about art (although the Skelectables are cool as f**k) , this is about you holding a Skele NFT, trading Skelectables for profit and participating in the organization in an exciting and unique NFT project. The objective is to mint and trade the Skelectable NFTs and attempt to hold one of the 800 “Boss” positions which could ultimately lead to becoming the “Don” of the Skelectables winning the top prize in the Treasure Chest.If you get to hold a “Boss” position you will then compete with other Bosses for the hierarchy within the organisation. This is decided from the points value of the Skelectables you hold and at the end of the 52 weeks the “Don” will be announced and that person will win a majority share of the Treasure Chest. We think we have built a project where secondary sales should be a very exciting proposition and also one where holding your Skele is just as exciting as it means you are included in the weekly raffles and other benefits! A win-win situation! The Skelectables project details are laid out on our website and the excitement of who will hold one of the 800 “Boss” positions is building fast!

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