Event Description

Land Sale June 30th -Condo owners get access on the 20th and 50% discount -Whitelisted users get access on the 25th and 25% discount Land is 500 ADA at public sale Reach Metaverse is a project powered by the Reach Cloud platform. We have built a world that’s almost the size of Mars with four continents. The first continent we are developing is the Eden continent which will have 25,000 acres of ownable developable NFT land. We have built a city in Eden with multiple districts where you can own and visit your condos which you can go explore right now on any platform: PC, Mobile, Browser, and in VR. You can also explore part of West Eden right now and see what our metaverse land will look like! The land is going to be sold in a few different size parcels 80% will be 1 acre, 10% will be 3 acre, 7% will be 5 acres, and only 3% will be 10 acre parcels. There will be 5 different terrain types with specific rarities. 60% will be Grassland, 20% will be Sandy, 10% will be Beach, 7% will be Rocky, and only 3% will be Snowy

Total Supply