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Our Story After the apocalypse and the showers of a nuclear holocaust, there is only one breed of dogs that managed to survive during this ruthless storm, one group, called the PUPZ. Among the many breeds that existed before, PUPZ were the only ones that saw the end coming because of their scientifically constructed DNAs composed of traits from multiple breeds. Truly, the ultimate version of the doggo. But there is now a new struggle ahead for this cohort. It is time for them to reimagine life and create the environment as per their needs and desires. It is a chance for them to construct a world they think would be ideal to prosper. There are going to be lands and all the resources at their disposal. The PUPZ would be building everything from scratch in this new environment and space. To start afresh and rebuild requires ideas, resources, and intellect. They would possess all that is necessary. This is going to be EXCITING!!! Dope Art ​​Metaverse P2E NFT Land Sale Talented Team

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