Event Description

Pixelated Society was born out of a need for quality Pixel NFTs with Utility in the virtual realm. Each NFT created will be unique, individually drawn, and only 1 of each will be minted. This will allow for individuality as we move closer to realizing the dreams that Web3 brings while commemorating where we have been (pixelated). The creators envision a world within Web3 where you can be anyone you want to be and they strive to bring this as your reality.

There will be a total of five collections, with their listing dates and number of pieces mentioned below. Each collection will build on each other. Those wallets that own a piece from the previous collection on the date of listing will be airdropped an NFT from the new collection. If you own a piece from Collection 1 on 7/30/2023, the wallet of ownership will also receive a piece from Collection 2. The wallet that owns a piece from Collection 2 on 07/30/2024 will receive a piece from Collection 3 and so on. It will pay to own and hold a piece from the earlier collections as this will give you a piece from all future collections. Once the 5th Collection has been listed every wallet will gain access to our own Virtual World, Pixelated City.

Collection 1: 200 NFTs 07/30/2022

Collection 2: 400 NFTs 07/30/2023

Collection 3: 800 NFTs 07/30/2024

Collection 4: 1600 NFTs 07/30/2025

Total Supply