Event Description

PEEPSmith is the first collection that we proudly introduce, as a craft center for equipment and accessories.

Mysterious Shops
Once every moon, new items will be forged and put up for sales, and grabbing one of those might prove crucial for exploring the world of PEEPS.

World-class Craftsmanship
The items at PEEPSmith come with a variety in design and utility and are meticulously crafted with the highest craftsmanship. Customers were always left with high satisfaction.

Limited Editions
Due to how difficult it is to create one, there will ever be limited editions of the item drops.
– Common: 100
– Uncommon: 50
– Rare: 25
– Epic: 10
– Legendary: 1 of 1

*The items from the shop follow ERC-1155 token protocol

Total Supply