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The Mutant Soldiers by the Endless Expanse –  A 10 000 NFT collection at 3 SOL opening the gates to a new financial era. The object is to provide holders with a complete financial environment in which to discuss, learn, and gain passive/active income through our services. The nft is the ticket access to this. Before we dig into the project, I first want to mention that our main objective is to be fully transparent with the community and therefor I (the CEO) have already doxxed and presented myself. (#:person_standing:︱ceo-presentation in my discord ) Users have access to my personal social medias. With this project, we plan to offer services to all types of personalities : 1. Some users simply want to put in some money and gain passive income; We will answer this though trading : 80% of the NFT’s sale price is invested into a trading account. Every 2 weeks, users will gain a percentage of this account’s profit depending on the number and rarity of the NTFs they hold. It is very important that our users understand that we will never ask for more money then what they have paid for the NFT, nor for access to their accounts. We handle all trading within our binance company account and holders’ percentage of profit is automatically sent to their solana wallet thanks to the binance API. Our website will publicly provide a biweekly report of gains and trading logs directly taken from binance : https://mutantsoldiers.com/ProfitStatistics. 2. For those who want to invest time and energy to learn, our discord will provide multiple channels to discuss and share personal thoughts with professional traders -including our team-, and other users. We also have our own trading bot that you will gain access for free. 3. After the NFT release, we aim to add tax related information, housing investments and stocks/forex trading. I am already in touch with professionals from different countries to speak with holders of these topics in order to help them understand other aspects of taxes and how to lower them. All our code is in house and we already built most of it before the release to strengthen the trust in our project. 20% of the sale funds will be used to pay the team and rebuild the dashboard for holders and work on marketing. Whitelist bonus: Holders who bought during the whitelist sale will be able to get a huge bonus on their passive income. They will get a tier 1 bonus per NFT they bought during WL. -> this doubles your passive bonus depending on your tier Limited space Price: 3 SOL Mint date: <t:1657810800:F> **Whitepaper** https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yxVyIMU5eymiQxR7FyZKUDYUbiRZBWTQ-71XeyVytb0/ **Discord**: https://discord.gg/Q3JjbmyCXZ

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