Event Description

Introducing the Moon Rascals – a unique collection of NFTs unlike anything else on the blockchain. 

How are these little rascals so different? First of all, they aren’t computer generated. Instead, all 5000 Moon Rascal collectbles have been painstakingly hand crafted by our female founder and creator. This means every owner of a Moon Rascal will hold a bespoke piece of art curated by an actual human. 

Moon Rascals are more than NFTs. They are part of a real-world brand that you can help shape. As a Moon Rascal collector, not only will you receive a host of incredible benefits as part of an unrivalled utility, but you will have a real say over how the Moon Rascals brand grows. 

500 of these rascals are ready for take off. Come along for the ride! 

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