Event Description

Take the first step towards owning your first home in the metaverse..

At MetaEstate we give you the keys.

Why mint MetaEstate NFT?

  • Stake your MetaEstate NFTs and earn the $MEST token
  • Digital Real estate owner in the MetaEstate Metaverse
  • Become a citizen of MetaEstate
  • Access to any events and concerts held in MetaEstate
  • Customize and sell NFT for a profit
  • Mint an allocation of governance tokens used to vote in the DAO investment portfolio
  • Work with MetaEstate business division and develop a commercial NFT into a IRL business in MetaEstate business sector
  • Collect a range of property types to earn investor titles and staking rewards
  • Rent/hire out your property/ business for work functions, business dealings, parties etc

On the 6th of August we drop a collection with some of the best art work to date! 1000 pieces.. 24hrs.. don’t miss the biggest digital realestate drop of the year!

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