Event Description

The luxy genesis collection epitomises the luxy vision and offers nfts of the highest quality and scarcity. Created by astronaut wanted’s extremely talented design team, each nft is meticulously crafted to perfection. Developed using cutting-edge tech, unique composition, traits and design elements, the luxy genesis collection, launching first on syscoin, complements the next-gen vibe and extensive innovations expressed through the luxy nft marketplace.

The luxy nft genesis collection will provide extensive features and utility to holders.

Some initial key benefits will include

Luxy genesis club
Exclusive access and membership to the luxy genesis club. What happens in gen club stays in gen club! The luxy gen club is an exclusive gated club only accessible to luxy genesis nft owners. It is mandatory to own and hold a minimum of 1 luxy genesis nft to access the luxy genesis club.

Private discord
Gen club members will have access to a private discord channel.

Exclusive club gen discord identity
Will have a unique discord role assigned to identify club gen members.

Early access to nft drops
Early access to most exclusive luxy marketplace collection drops.

Early access to new luxy features
Early access to new features on the luxy nft marketplace 1 month ahead of the public mainnet launch.

– plus much more to come!

Total Supply